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Ralph Trent Stokes

Maggie's back!

Once again, Spencer and LIsa are joined by renowned journalist, podcaster and friend of the program, Maggie Freleng. Through that conversation and our continued conversation with Ralph himself, the case unfolds to reveal the rest of the cast of characters who were involved in some way. Ralph comments on how he first heard about the robbery and the lengths Roger King went to in order to secure a conviction

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part 3

When Smokin’ Joe’s Corner in Philadelphia was robbed on March 11, 1982, resulting in the brutal murder of three people, police arrested 19 year-old Ralph Trent Stokes, a former cook at Smokin’ Joe’s for the crime. 

Notoriously corrupt prosecutor, Assistant District Attorney Roger King - a man who has been featured extensively on this podcast - convinced a jury that Ralph Should get the death penalty. Six months later, Ralph was sent to live in a prison cell no larger than a bathroom, where he has remained ever since, most of those years in solitary confinement.

Fast forward to 2004 and, in an investigative file that was previously undisclosed, it was discovered that King had lied to the jury about forensically tested evidence. Witnesses that testified against Ralph were coerced and incentivized, his alibi witnesses were disregarded and an innocent man has sat on death row for 40 years. 

Join Spencer Daniels and Lisa Spees as they discuss the details of the case through court transcripts, witness testimony, and most importantly conversations with Ralph himself. Lisa and Spencer will also be joined by renowned podcaster and journalist as well as friend of the podcast Maggie Freleng.

Together, we are committed to righting this terrible injustice and seeing Ralph Trent Stokes walk free.

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